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Best photography exhibits in Florida

Florida is one state, which boasts of numerous photography exhibitions throughout the counties. They are categorized into different themes and phenomena. There is world history exhibits, urban planning exhibits, political history exhibit, tourist attraction sites exhibits and community gallery among others. They not only feature the images but they also show the development stages photography has taken over time. There are others taken by vintage cameras and others with the film cameras and course the current digital cameras with affordable tripods for use. Photographers usually bring their laptops with them that connect to the internet easily so they can post it right away to their blogging sites, this promotes the exhibit they visit. The exhibits are found in the trade fair, photography museums, and photo galleries. South East museum photography has held numerous exhibitions in different sectors. They include


The retrospect of Roger Ballen

In ten years time, the museum will celebrate its golden anniversary since its inception. It features mainly videos and photographs of Roger Ballen who is a significant figure in the history of the USA as a mining entrepreneur and geologists. His passion for photography started because of his many visits across the globe and he required a photographic record of his visits. His photograph collection featured artifacts, environments in South Africa, landscape and different landscape he managed to visit.


US route 1 by Berenice Abbott


Berenice Abbott and other two companions decided to make a trip that covered the entire USA and make a history of a scientific photography. Their aim was to preserve the culture and history of the US as well as find evidence of history before the technology can destroy the culture and heritage. After the tour from the North through to the south and back to the North through a different route, she had a collection of 2,400 images. She sat and made a collection together with descriptions for two more years. The main aim of the adventure was to take the history and artifacts of the North and South of United states

The culture of water and politics in Everglades

The photography was the work of Adam Nadel, he emphasizes on how population increase of the coastal communities is having an impact on the destruction of the Everglades. His pictorial exhibition gives an in-depth analysis of the long-term effect of the coastal population as well as its social economic impact on other sectors of the economy.

NSU Art Museum

The 700 Nimes road is a photographic collection of Catherine Opie. The photographs are taken from different series and put famous personalities and their achievement. The exhibition has portraits of Elizabeth Taylor among other prominent personalities put in a frame and a beautiful wall hanging.

Holden Luntz Gallery

The gallery features the voice of persuasion. The photographer takes an account of persons who have a great impact on the society. The personalities have been taken from health, trade, politics, and art among other sectors. The portraits have a description of each individual and their achievements.

Florida has more exhibitions that display various artifacts for future reference than any other state. To maintain a history of past events and to learn about any of the histories of the USA, Florida will not let you down.