DIY Ping Pong Materials


Table tennis enthusiast found an extensive list of ping pong paddles and rackets at Tennis lovers find it difficult to buy an already made DIY ping-pong because it is expensive. Most of them will prefer to build one by themselves to save some cash. However, if you have never built one before, you might not know the materials that you need. These materials can be easily found in hardware and local stores. This article will discuss all the materials that you need to build a perfect DIY ping-pong.

  1. Plywood

You will need four pieces of about four inches of plywood, 48 inches by 60 inches. While constructing your DIY Ping-Pong, you will need a measuring tape and a pencil to draw the measurements so you should get them as well. The plywood will be used to make the board.

Other pieces of plywood

  • Two pieces 1-by-4, 46-inches long and eight pieces that are 28.5 inches long.
  • Four pieces of 1-by-4, 42 inches long

Bonus fact: an average ping-pong table has the dimensions of 60 by 108 inches. You can get plywood this size and cut it by yourself. If you get a large plywood to divide by yourself, you will have to get a saw too.

  1. Two hinges

These are used to make sure that the DIY Ping-Pong folds. One reason you use them is that you may need to move it at some point.

  1. One 1/2-inch long wood screws

These are used to attach the plywood and the legs of the ping-pong you are building. They ensure that it is reliable and stable while you are playing. Some people prefer nails but using screws will help the table last longer. This is because screws can hold on for a long time as compared to nails.

  1. Drill with screwdriver bit

This will be used to make holes before using the screws. If you are having trouble using it, you can consult a carpenter near you on how to do that.

  1. Wood glue

This is mostly used to hold the plywood together with the legs of using the screws. It is also used to keep the different pieces of plywood together.

  1. Green paint; this is used to paint the table.

You should there have painting brushes to do this. Make sure that it is washed before doing the painting. You should allow this paint to dry before doing anything else

  1. White color

This is used to divide the Ping-Pong table after painting it green. You should use a different brush while painting the white paint.

  1. Masking tape, 1/2-inch wide
  2. Table tennis net, 6 feet long

You should note that each net is slightly different so you should look for the entire net to attach to your table. Make sure it is securely fit before starting to use the Ping-Pong table

In conclusion, with the above materials, you will be able to make a real DIY ping pong with ease. All you need is the right procedure to do it. Doing a proper research and consulting people who have done it before will help you find the correct procedure.

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