Featuring our toilet museum

Our toilet museum features the history and all the artifacts about toilets. The toilet is small equipment, which has evolved in style and shape since time immemorial. The museum features the first toilet with the history of the founder and how it found its way to the museum. At the entrance, there is a brief history of the day it was founded and the founder and the motive behind the establishment.

Our toilet museum arrangement

As you enter the first room, you are welcomed with the description, which compares the old traditional toilets and the current toilets. It also features different types of toilets found in the globe. Developed countries have the modern toilets as a necessity compared to developing countries whose remotest parts still have the traditional toilets used in the 18 the century in the developed countries. This shows the great disparity in economic levels; and how it translates to the modern way of life and household equipment like toilets.

The features are arranged in a chronological manner from the old toilet to the current toilet, this helps a historian develop a thesis statement on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of toilet. It also shows the reason behind the development of each toilet to its current state like reviews of classic Japanese ToTo toilets and Kohler toilets. [reference: www.thebestflushingtoilet.com]

The features

The museum features the toilet parts since the medieval period to the technological advancement period. It also does not forget special toilets, which are portable ideal for outdoor events.  Other special toilets are the ones found in military camps to aid the military while out in the jungle securing our borders. There are executive toilets found in VIP lounges, state houses, and palaces. They have special features to aid leaders. There are toilets designed for the terminally ill patients. All these special toilets are displayed and how they have developed from time immemorial.

The features also display all toilet accessories and how they have been in existence in the history of time. Our museum is used as a reference to new manufacturers to integrate the old features together with the new features to develop new toilets to meet the ever-growing demand for new toilets.

Apart from visual artifacts, our museum has a library which gives additional information related to toilets. The library has new and old books to allow visitor get any other related information on the history of toilets.

The periods

The history dates back from 3000 BC to the twentieth century. The first phase (ancient period) does not have so many artifacts as tangible evidence but a few samples are available for display. The second phase (medieval period) has a lot of information together with samples to as evidence. The current period (modern period) definitely is endowed with physical features, both soft copy and hard copy information on features of the toilets. Our museum is the best museum in matters toilets in the world history.

The development of the museum brought all manufacturers to help display their products as a way of maintaining the history.

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