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Florida is great places for tourists due to various reasons. Many people know the city due to its theme parks, alligators, orange juice, and great sunshine. However, this former Spanish colony has many other amazing places that you can tour. Florida has many miles of white sand beaches, and its climate makes it an excellent tourist attraction.

The following are some of the best places you can travel to Florida

Florida Keys

These are long chains of tropical islands at the base of the Florida peninsula. A series of bridges connect these islands.  They cover 120 miles. The most famous bridge among all is the seven-mile bridge. It has been featured in several movies including the fast two furious. Apart from the beaches, there are museums, family attractions, national parks and botanical gardens in the Florida keys.


Miami is known as the most vibrant cities in the United States. It is popular for its rich Latin culture and nightlife. The large Miami port attracts the largest number of passenger cruise ships. The sunny beaches in Miami are possibly the major tourist attraction sites in the city. They are ideal for families on vacation and offer a variety of exciting activities.


It is famous for having more theme parks than any other place on earth. It has even been nicknamed theme park city by tourists and locals. The famous parks are, SeaWorld, Epcot Center, Walt Disney world, Gator Park, Universal Studios that attract more than 51 million people a year. The fact that hurricanes do not hit this city compared to other places makes it an ideal location to visit. You will be safe when you tour this area.

Tampa Bay Area

This place is known to have the best roller coaster rides in Florida. It also has a zoo that keeps animals from Serengeti Plain in Africa. The St. Pete Beach is also one of the major tourist attractions in this area.  St. Pete was named the best beach in the United States because of its clear water and white sand beaches. The right climate will also help you enjoy these beaches to the fullest.


It is famous for a unique combo of ecosystems such as saw-grass prairies, the largest mangrove complex in the area, swamps, and subtropical jungles. It is one of the best natural treasures of Florida. The Everglades national park is the home of some animals including fish, American crocodile, and the Florida panther.  One of the greatest ways to enjoy the tour here is to take an airboat. You will experience the Everglades in an exciting way. You can arrange a boat ride to connect to different islands and other national treasures in Everglades.

In conclusion, although there are places such as the Panama City Beach in Naples within Sanibel islands, clear water beach, and Fort Lauderdale that you can tour in Florida, the above five areas are equally exciting, and you will not regret. Arrange today and visit these amazing places.

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